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online image A reputation can either be a good thing or a bad thing for businesses and celebrities. A good reputation will lead to having a successful business or a celebrity having a successful career as an actor, musician, sports star, etc. In a world that never stops going thanks to the internet and social media, it is not always easy to maintain or obtain a good reputation. That is why public relations firms and online reputation management companies are very important to the future and success of businesses and celebrities. Celebrity management of their online reputation is key to their overall reputation.

There is not a person in the world that is more aware of, or more dependent on, their reputation more than a celebrity. For this reason, celebrity online reputation management is very important to every celebrity. Part of maintaining a good overall reputation, a celebrity has to maintain a good reputation on the internet. Reputation management has a deep connection to a celebrity’s online brand management strategy. For example, if a celebrity has an unblemished image, it is essential to put a stop to anything that is said about them online that is not true. It is impossible to control everything that is said online. Celebrities who do not take control of their brand regularly lose control of their reputation in fairly short order.

A result of this is that reputation management for celebrities needs to consist of taking what people say about them and suggesting potential adjustments that the clients of reputation management companies can make to adjust the direction of those discussions. Or, if needed, creating more discussion that the celebrity could be enjoying. There are certain things that a celebrity management company can do to fix or maintain a the reputation of a celebrity.

The job of a celebrity management company can be broken down into three categories: monitoring, sourcing, and strategy. The task of monitoring consists of: keeping an eye on gossip blogs, social media trends, news articles, and other types of coverage to discover what is being said about their client and how that compares with what they want to be said about their client. On a regular basis, a good company will have a daily digest of information about the celebrity that includes who is saying what about them.

online reputation managementSourcing includes tracking down the source of a rumors about a celebrity (whether they are negative or positive) and find out who is saying those things and the reason for it. Strategy consists of answering these questions: How does a celebrity play this in their favor? Do they need to answer the rumor directly? Will the celebrity’s marketing team need to take part in “damage control” or take other courses of action? There are lessons that we all can learn from online celebrity management.